Watch Bigg Boss 9 22nd October 2015 Episode 12 video online (Day 11)/ Written Updates

Watch Bigg Boss 9 22nd October 2015 Episode 12 video online (Day 11)/ Written Updates

The Bigg Boss 9 22nd October episode was amazing with some fights and entertain. The Bigg Boss 9 day 11 with at morning 8 am after the Lagaan task contestant gets to sleep calmly. Morning song starts with a song ‘Mein chahu ye karu, me chahu vo karu meri marji’. On the song, everyone gives their dance moves and all have a fresh mood. At morning 8.45 pm, Yuvika ask her for doing work or not. Rimi says that today is captain task and such conversation goes on. Prince Narula shows his care towards Mandana as she was feeling weak and tries to be romantic with her.


Bigg Boss 9 Day 11 Episode12- 22 October (Decision regarding least performing team intask)

Bigg Boss asks the one Jodi which was least interested in the task and the Jodi because of which people lose the task. After a lot of arguments between all the Bigg Boss contestants, members decide Keith and Mandana Jodi who did not perform well. After they were announced to the Bigg Boss as the weakest contestants, Bigg Boss announces that this Jodi/pair will directly get nominated for elimination.

After this, Rochelle takes Keith and Mandana side that they have done most work and here Suyyash and Prince justify themselves saying we had work whole night. Suyyash then comments on Rochelle wasting time for starting the task. After this, Bigg Boss also announce that the two winners Keshwar and Aman are eligible for captaincy where half team will support Keshwar and other half to Aman. The one who winds tug of war game will be the captain of the house.

Bigg Boss 9 22nd October 2015 Episode 12 (Tug of War)

At the end, Keshwar team wins the tug of war game and she becomes the second captain of the house. All complains about Keshwar being captain so later on Keshwar is seen gossiping and bitching about Aman to Vikas and Yuvika. Keshwar and Aman then gets the luxury item and can be only used by these two people.

The contestants get 1300 points by Bigg Boss for the luxury task and extra 1200 for great and clean work. But later on also announce to deduct 1600 points from the total because for breaking the Bigg Boss house rules. The luxury items include besan, ajwain and chaat masala, c
offee powder.

At the end Mandana is seen crying and where all housemates calm her. Roopal Tyagi is seen requesting Bigg Boss on camera to changer her partner.

Bigg Boss 23rd October
2015 Episode (precap)

The housemates will be introduced with the Double Trouble Rooms and here they get surprised with this new news. This is how Bigg Boss 9 22nd October 2015 Episode 12 video online (Day 11) ends.