MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 15 – 3 September 2016- online details

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 15 – 3rd September 2016. Watch MTV Splitsvilla 9 3rd September 2016 episode video online on Voot and on Voot Apps. MTV Splitsvilla 9  Reaches into 9th season and you can get all news of episode here. Fifteenth Episode of MTV Splitsvilla 2016 will air on MTV channel on 3rd September 2016 Sunday at 07:00 pm, all over India. The new season of MTV Splitsvilla 9 will start from 11th June 2016 which will be on Women Empowerment. In this season of Splitsvilla 15 boys and 6 Girls celebrity contestants joined in which only women will rule. Online MTV Splitsvilla 9 journey begins to watch it on Updated

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 15 – 3rd September 2016

In Previous Episode of MTV Splitsvilla 9, we saw how both the Queens Kavya and Rajnandini sacrificed their thrones to save their friends in the dumping zone. And later thanks to the Book of Fortune due to which the Kavya and Rajnandini not just regained their throne but their friends who almost got dumped (Varun Sood and Karan Chabbra) got saved. In today’s episode more than pure love quotient, we got to see some hilarious task and it was tough for the boys to handle. It was a laughter riot for the hosts Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha and even for us viewers. For a minute the anger within the contestants and the Queens must have dissolved.

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 15 – 3rd September 2016 Patate Raho session

Coming to the task, the first one was the patate raho session and the task for that was the Licktionary task. There was a hint that it is related to licking but what and how was something the contestants in the villa were wondering. And when Sunny Leone explained about the task, all were left stunned.

The boys would get a random flavour and they had to lick it. It wasn’t just plain licking but the boys had to draw something that was told to them. And the flavours the poor warriors had to lick were pastes of chocolate, karela, red chilli, sambar chutney and many others.

Zain, Ayaan, Karan Khanna and Archie had to select one pair whom they thought was the weak one and they chose Priya and Ayaan due to which Priya directly went to the dumping zone.

The next task was setup at the beach area and the setup looked interesting. It was clear that the task wasn’t simple as it was called the Love Triangle.

The task had to be played in a team of three. The team was formed and princess Mia got the golden chance to decide the order which team would play first to last. Thanks to Mia – she put Gurmeet, Martina and Varun first. This task was supposed to be played in three stages and it was a hilarious one. Take a look at some of the pictures here:

The two queens Kavya and Rajnandini had a benefit. They could bajao any team which means when they say bajao they the pair has to stop and dance for 30 seconds in the craziest way possible. Another hilarious portion was when a couple had to burst the balloons on the bed. And for that Karan Chabbra and his connection Shreeradhe entertained everyone thoroughly.

Whichever team wins this task would be saved. And who wishes to go to the dumping ground. After all the team performed, Rannvijay announced the results. It was quite a shocking one. Ayaan, Mia and Zain’s team was saved and rest all others were straight away put in the dumping zone. Since Nick was absent during the task even he has landed in the danger zone.

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It’s in the next episode we’ll get to see who the bold queen Kavya and evil queen Rajnandini decides to dump and how the Book of Fortune changes the game completely. Who do you think will go home next time? Post your views in the comments section below.

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