Bigg Boss 9 Full Episode Day 86 5th january 2016 Watch Online Download

After the nomination episode now its ticket to final task. Only three weeks left so its fun to see the how housemates fighting each other to reach into the Finale. Today housemates will fight to achieve the grand finale tickets.

Bigg Boss introduced finale task in which the housemates had to spoil the rival’s game in order to get the finale ticket. Bigg Boss introduced a very interesting finale task for which a inverted pyramid was placed in the garden area of Bigg Boss 9 house.

Bigg Boss 9 Full Episode Day 86 5th january 2016 Watch Online Download 

Well the Task starts with inverted pyramid kept that in the garden area. Every contestants have their unique pyramid. Well the contestants have to do only open the tap of the inverted pyramids to eliminated the rivals from the ticket to finale task. Keith is already nominated for the week so keith is not participating in the task. He became the Sanchalak.

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Interestingly, the Sanchalak of the task Keith plays a major role in this finale task. Incase, if Keith observes someone cheating, he can either open the sand tap of the contestants or can even ignore to do so. It is his choice if he wants to save or spoil anyone’s game

Prince memory

 Well in this within few hours of the task and housemates have ugly fights very soon. Prince and Priya got into an argument and between all this argument, Prince broke Priya‘s sand tap and due to this, sand box slowly went empty. Though Priya Malik‘s sandbox got empty, she was still in the race.

Bigg Boss 9 Full Episode Day 86 5th january 2016 Watch Online Download 

Meanwhile, Kishwer, Prince and Rishabh have targeted Mandana in order to remove her from the game. Also Prince is leading of all in the task with more sand in his portion. Well, now it’s all about reaching directly to grand finale and it is obvious that the housemates would try their best in this task.

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Colors Bigg Boss 9 Day 79 Watch Full Episode Here 29th December 2015

Watch Today Episode Bigg Boss 9 Day 79 29th December 2015

Well this is not the new task in the bigg boss house, we have seen last year also similar task known as musuem task.

It is time for the housemates to get back to work and earn their luxury budget for the week.  And the name of the task for this week’s luxury budget is ‘Jewel Thief.’  And it means exactly what you are thinking right now.

The Bigg Boss house will be converted into a Jewel Museum which will contain a series of exotic diamonds. There will be two teams like always. One team will be the “Thieves” and you might have guessed the other one already. Just to confirm, the other team will be the “Police.” The mission of the thieves will be to steal all the diamonds and they have also been given an “Adda”  as their hideout. The aim of the police on the other hand will be stop the thieves at any cost and keep the diamonds secure.

So who will be victorious in this Chor-Police fight?

Colors Bigg Boss 9 Day 79 Watch Full Episode

Yesterday, Kishwer, Suyyash, Rochelle and Keith were discussing the same while at the sky lounge that how fake it looked from Nora’s side. According to them, Prince was very gullible and Nora was using him to create a love angle just for the sake of survival in this game. Keith, who doesn’t normally talk about anyone also expressed how Nora becomes a totally different person when she fights. Another point that came up during this discussion was why the two denied being a couple and fought while their proximity states the obvious.


This morning, while Suyyash sat in the garden area, Keith asked him if he was thinking about Prince. Suyyash said that it was ok if Prince was having a good time with Nora, but somehow Prince was drifting away from all of them. he was more concerned because Prince had started telling everyone not to advice him on anything.

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Watch Bigg Boss 9 Day 76 Today Christmas Episode 76 With Salman Khan

Everywhere christmas is going so why not in bigg boss . Salman khan came with christmas special episode to give housemate christmas gift

Ho! Ho! Ho! Hope you all had a merry Christmas. Meanwhile the Bigg Boss house too was colored in red on the occasion. The celebrations started by a ‘Dhamakedaar’ performance by Salman Khan on the the song ‘Aaj ki Party Meri Taraf Se’ which will definitely fill you in the festive mood.

After that Salman wished all the housemates a Merry Christmas. He then told Rishabh to pick up each gift kept in the activity area and show it to the housemates and then the housemates had to mutually decide that who that gift would belong to.

There was a whole set of unique gifts for all the housemates. The only thing here is that they did not have a name tag. So it is a Secret Santa Surprise Present for the housemates.

In the Christmas get-together usually you and your friends bring up some memories of the past and cherish them. That’s what happened at the Bigg Boss house too. Well, not exactly.

Salman asked Rochelle and Rishabh that why they let the captaincy slip from their hands when they had a good chance to grab it. Rochelle said that Rishabh did not appreciate the hard work so she decided not to give up. Rishabh certainly isn’t the one who just sits quiet and takes criticism and he started giving strong answers too. He said he did what he thought was right. And just then Rochelle said that is was this attitude of Rishabh that she could not bear and that’s why she could not see him become the captain. The festivities took a pause at that moment for sure. We know how much remorseful Rochelle was while the chance just slipped off her hands, while Rishabh was okay with letting the chance go. What would be Salman’s take on this now?

Watch Bigg Boss 9 Day 76 Today Christmas Episode 76 With Salman Khan

Salman Khan told all the housemates that they were playing the ‘Bhed-Chaal’ in the game. He pointed out that almost everyone was dependant on others. He told Priya and Rochelle that even both of them were involved in this. The only contestant who is playing the game individually from the start is Mandana according to Salman. 

But Salman also pointed out that Mandana was set up by Kishwar during the captaincy task against Suyyash. He said that they knew she would give up easily and Suyyash would become the captain. Priya, although uninvited, joined the argument and said that if Mandana knew that it was a set up then why didn’t she prove Kishwer wrong then and there. Mandana started arguing with Priya and in between Salman said that she did work hard and she was getting credit for it. To this Mandana replied “I don’t want credit from anyone. Sorry Salman Khan.” Wooooh! Now this has never happened. Any housemate speaking to Salman that way?

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Bigg Boss 9 Episode 74 Day 74 December 24 Watch Online Download

Bigg Boss 9 Episode 74 Day 74 December 24 Watch Online Download

Bigg Boss 9 Episode 74 Day 74 December 24 Priya stuck in Bathroom

Yeh kya hua…? Nahane ke liye, itna time akhir kyun? Gizele and Rishabh were seen sitting outside the bathroom and complaining about why Priya was taking too long inside the bathroom. Rishabh as usual got down to his usual funny self and started to flick the light button ‘on’ and ‘off’ in order to irritate Priya. While the two were at it making fun of Priya and how she was taking an eternity, Prince joined in the fun and pointed out to captain Suyyash on how, Priya wasn’t even wearing a mic inside. Seriously…?LOL! Maaze ka ant yahan hi nahi hua. Gizele made even more fun of her saying that Priya was planning to die inside and would be eliminated from the show while she was still inside the bathroom.  Joining the fun were some of the other housemates who were seen laughing and making fun alongside Gizele and Rishabh. Hearing all the hulahoo, Priya didn’t sound one bit amused and told everyone that she would come out whenever she liked. What…? When I saw all this happening, I started to wonder what was keeping Priya so long inside the shower? And while I was busy guessing, Bigg Boss announced “Priya…play”. And that’s when it struck me that this thing was a part of the new task. Bigg Boss certainly got to me too! An amazing sense of humor, I must say.


Bigg Boss 9 Episode 74 Day 74 December 24 Gizle and Rishabh angry 

‘Itti si hansi itti si khushi itna sa tukda chand ka…’ These words literally meant a million bucks for someone in the house today. Even when these words were significant for someone in the house for others it just meant nuisance. Well! If you are thinking what I am talking about then let me give you a little peek into the house today.

We are all aware of the ‘cool group’ and Prince’s chemistry with Nora? If you don’t then you must rewind, update and come at pace with what’s going on around in the house. Last night’s chitter-chatter and loud laughs did not go too well with the people on the ‘other’ side. By people, I mean Rishabh, Priya and Gizele. Rishabh and Gizele were seen talking about how they couldn’t sleep at night due to all the disturbance caused by the other housemates. She even went onto say if that person (she meant Nora obviously) wanted to be all romantic with her Prince (LOL! Literally) then they should have either gotten themselves a room or simply gone into the bathroom. Listening to all this, Suyyash sprang into action and told Gizele that if Nora’s laughter was such a problem for them, then she should have asked Rishabh to stop singing too. And Gizele, as we all very well know doesn’t like to gulp down things too easily and she gave it back to Suyyash by saying that she did and Rishabh replied to her by saying that this was the only way to get them to keep quiet. Ouch…! Gizele and Priya were also seen telling the ‘cool’ group that instead of Nora apologizing for last night, she is simply taking it as a joke. Amidst the entire argument, Prince remained mum whereas Nora just giggled and laughed. I can absolutely understand where all that anger must be sprouting from. After all, the housemates only get a stipulated number of hours to sleep, and throughout the day, they aren’t even allowed to blink an eye even once.  

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Later, Gizele and Rishabh were seen talking about the entire episode and agreed upon how Nora should have simply admitted it was simply her fault. They also spoke about how and what each of the other housemates were like. While Nora was called ‘fake’, Suyyash was called a follower and Mandana-‘mahaan’ besides other things.

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Bigg Boss 9 Episode 74 Day 74 December 24 Watch Online Download 
Bigg Boss 9 Episode 74 Day 74 December 24 Watch Online Download 
Bigg Boss 9 Episode 74 Day 74 December 24 Watch Online Download