Bigg Boss 10 News: Salman Khan throws Priyanka Jagga out

Bigg Boss makers want to know how to keep Sultan actor Salman Khan happy, From last few days it have been really tough for the bigg boss 10 housemates to stay inside the house. Priyanka Jagga who is wild card entry and also represent the Commoner thrown out of the house.

Yes very first time in history of Bigg Boss in which any contestants is thrown out of the house due to Host descision. Normally as per rules any contestants can evict or leave the house only on basis of public votes or any Physical Behavior inside the house.

This happen due to Priyanka Jagga ‘s odd behaviour along with Om Swami. The former left no chance to create havoc in few contestants life and even went personal with fellow inmates. However, looks like the host of the show has done something which has not happened in the history of Bigg Boss. He asked Priyanka Jagga to leave the house and she had no option, but to oblige.

Even Salman Khan stated that if Priyanka Jagga seens on the Colors any show he will not work with show. It looks like salman khan gets very much upset with Priyanka.

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Bigg Boss 10 First Confirmed Wild Card Celebraity Conatstanst

Like every year this year too Bigg Boss 10 have some wild Card Entry in the house. With rumor Hina Khan may appear as Wild Card Entry on Bigg Boss 10 may be stopped and First Confirmed Wild Card Entry is going to be in the house as popular TV actress fame.

This year too Bigg Boss is facing same LOW TRP in spite of having Combination os celebrity vs Commoner but looks India didn’t like this things. Due to LOW TRP, Bigg Boss tried to create screat of twist but its reveled.
Here is the look of First Confirmed Wild Card Celebraity Conatstanst.

Media reports are circulating that actress Aparna Tilak is entering the Bigg Boss house. She has neither confirmed nor denied the reports. This is a standard norm for all contestants who are entering into the controversial reality show.


Aparna Tilak has done shows like Jeet, Koi Apna Sa and Family Number One. She also has a film, Footpath (2003) in her kitty. The Vikram Bhatt flick was a no-show at the box-office but gave Bollywood it’s original serial kisser, Emraan Hashmi. The film also starred Rahul Dev as Shekhar, who was a gangster. Footpath also had Aparna Tilak as an English teacher. You can read this Bigg Boss 10: Manu Punjabi And Om Swami Ji Went Physical After He Touches Monalisa Inappropriately

Well time will only say that this will bring back the show on TRP road or same way its fall down.

Meanwhile, EXCLUSIVE news from our source. It is time for yet another surprise twist in the tale. Yes, we Exclusively reveal, Bigg Boss is all set to bring 4 wild card entries in the house. Yes, not 1 or 2, but 4 contestants will enter the house as wild card entries. This will be the biggest shock for the housemates as just when they were thinking that they are heading close to the winning game, Bigg Boss will make the show look more complicated for them.

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Bigg Boss 10: Monalisa Is Not Married Confirmed Here Is Video Proof!

Last few days rumored running out about Monalisa Marriage. As per media reports, Monalisa is already married. The actress, who is getting close to Manu inside the house, has some cosy pictures of her with a man on her social media accounts. While the identity of the man is not known, he is claimed to be her husband. Wait, hold on, and let us reveal that he is not her husband! Read here complete Story Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Monalisa Is Married?

Popular Bhojpuri Actress Monalisa is currently in a live-in relationship since 8 years and the man everyone is talking about is not her husband. Manu Punjabi and Bhojpuri Actress Monalisa seen sharing some moments inside the house. As per video Monalisa is still not married.

On hearing Monalisa’s personal life problems, Manu also shares about his personal life. Opening up about his past relationships to Monalisa,Manu is heard saying that he had thousands of girlfriends and that he was hardly serious about any of them. Manu is seen portraying his casonava image in front of Monalisa and we wonder why.

This video is surely going to raise many eyebrows!

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Bigg Boss 10: Gaurav Chopra, Bani And Rahul Dev Get Punishment From Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss 10: Gaurav Chopra, Bani And Rahul Dev Get Punishment From Bigg Boss : Indian Television most controversial Bigg Boss show have some advantage and some disadvantage too. As contestants get fame and popularity with chance of entry in Bollywood. At same time many disadvantage too. Bigg Boss house have only one rule ad that is full all rules of Bigg Boss house. Every contestant is aware about the importance of adhering to the rules of the Bigg Boss house. However, even after knowing, celebrities knowingly or unknowingly break the rules, which land them in trouble.

In tonight’s episode, Bigg Boss will announce that the biggest rule of the house stands broken and Gaurav Chopra , Bani and Rahul are the defaulters.bigg-boss-001-00356

What’s this broken rule, you ask? Well, this trio has been consistently speaking in English, not paying heed to the ‘Hindi only’ conversation rule. And, tired of reminding the contestants about these rules, Bigg Boss has decided to take some strict action.

Bigg Boss Season 10 Winner Name leaked | Bigg Boss 10 Winner Predictions

The trio has been given a sewing machine (old style sewing machine like a charkha), which has a lantern (lamp) hung to it. These three have to keep paddling the machine in order to keep the lantern flaming continuously

The minute the light goes off, an alarm will go off inside the house which is bound to create some annoyance amongst the contestants. The biggest problem with this task though, is that the punished contestants will have to stay awake throughout the night, and stopping the task even for a single minute will result in all the contestants losing their sleep because of the alarm.

So, does this mean 2 contestants can sleep while the third pedals away? Not really. Bigg Boss mentions that whilst one contestant needs to be pedalling at all times, there needs to be a second contestant by his/her side for company

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