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Chris Hemsworth Hosts Saturday Night Live : Chris hemsworth the 32 year old Hollywood Thor Actor hosted the NBC series for second time. This Hottie appeared in several sketches, including one in which he dressed in drag, complete with a brown wig, and gabbed with the ladies.


“I’d rather see him out of the armor,” the actor, playing “Claire,” tells the cast members about Thor, during a conversation about hot actors. “Am I right, bitches?”

“Oh my gosh, you know who else is hot?” Kate McKinnon replies. “Paul Rudd in Clueless.”

Rudd, “Claire” says, is “pretty good” but not as good as Hemsworth in Thor.

“That scene where he comes home from battle and has his shirt off—yum yum yum yum!” “Claire” says.

Soon, the ladies begin to get suspicious about why “Claire” is so obsessed with…Chris, even baiting him by telling him his brother Liam Hemsworth is “the hotter Hemsworth.”

“Liam is gross,” “Claire” replies. “I heard he breastfed till he was 4.”

Chris Hemsworth Returns Monologue – SNL

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